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Decolonize the Mind & Heart- Eagle Rabbit Purepecha (Corn Ceremony)

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Xonahuia (Greetings), I am Eagle Rabbit (Uakuz Ahuani), a Chicano Purhepecha Native from the region of Huetamu, Michoacan. Currently, I am a second year graduate student at Cal State Northridge.

I am a Xicano from Aztlan and Native of Ixachilan (the western hemisphere). Tlazocamati (Thanks) for visiting my site. May we all come together to learn and better understand one another.

Noxtin Nomecayotzin- All My Relations(Mitakuye Oyasin).

Uniting Indigenous communities one day at a time.

My Favorites

Favorite Band: Aztlan Underground, Tupac, El Vuh, White Hawk Xicano Indian Council, Midnight Express...

Favorite TV show: Don't watch TV, it is corporate owned, culturally biased, and Eurocentric!

Favorite movies: Skins, Plan Columbia, Bowling for Colombine, Fidel, Geronimo, Once We Were Kings, Civil Brand, Senorita Extravada...

Favorite books: A Little Matter of Genocide (Churchill), American Holocaust (Stannard), Behold a Pale Horse (Cooper), Culture and Imperialism (Said), and authors such as Noam Chomsky, Vine Deloria, Guillermo Batalla, Miguel Leon Portilla...

Favorite sports team: Don't watch sports, it distracts you from reality, it is one of the Opium of the Masses, plus it is rigged (see HBO documentary).

Favorite foods: Indian Frybread, Ensenada Fish Tacos, and Zapoteca Molli. Anything organic and healthy, you only live once, respect yourself and our Mother Earth.

My Hobbies

Critical Writing/Literature/Poetry, Aztek Indian Dancing, Northern Drumming, Harmony Keeping, Lakota Sweatlodge Ceremonies, Amateur Boxing, and Grassroots Organizing.

Most Admired

Krazy Horse, Emiliano Zapata, Sitting Bull, Tupac Amaru, Red Cloud, Pancho Villa, Jose Marti, Simon Bolivar, Cuauhtemoc, Tariacuri, Tezozomoc, Nezahuacoyotl, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, and all those who resisted global White Supremacy consisting of patriarchy, hegemony, and neo-colonialism.

Mailing Address:

Eagle Rabbit (Uakuz Ahuani)

(323) 822-6556 cell

Favorite Links

Indigenous Embassy Tonatierra: Phoenix, AZ. Tohono O'odham Nation

Pilgrimage: Peace and Dignity Journeys 2004. Honoring the Women/Mother Earth

Eagle Rabbit
(Uakuz Ahuani).
Updated on Chicuei Huihuezoztli Chicoace Kalli or May 2005






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CSUN Anahuac Indigenous Student Association annually does numerous community service activities on and off campus. We are currently having our 6th Annual Indigenous Awareness Month for November 2005 consisting of Film Screenings, Speaker Series, and Special Events. We are having our 23rd Annual Intertribal Pow Wow (Indigenous Festival) and have had distinguished speakers such as Russell Means and Chief Arvol Looking Horse. We are also planning our 3rd Annual Guelaguetza (Indigenous Fesitval) in Apr/May 2006, as well as contribute to Toy Drives and Youth Conferences. CSUN AISA furthermore participates in Educational Conferences such as Yaka Ama, Nikan Tlacah Ilhuitl, and collaborates with various non-profit community based organizations.