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Decolonize the Mind & Heart- Eagle Rabbit Purepecha (Corn Ceremony)

Resist Neo-Colonialism

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CSUN 5th Annual Indigenous Month
CSUN 22nd Annual Intertribal Powwow
Ixachilan Native Languages
Xicano Grads of Aztlan Anahuak
Black and Brown Youth Conference
Student Against War Coalition
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The Last Mandate of The Great Cuauhtemok....


White Hawk Nicantlacah Council in Watsonville

Anahuak Native School in East Los Angeles

Mexica Uprising- Indigenous Liberation

Aztlan Anahuak Ixachilan Solar Calendar-

California Aboriginal Sacred Sites: Ancestors Walk 10/2-

Tia Chucha's Cafe: Indigenous Cultural Center in LA, CA-

Largest Pauau of Ixachilan: Gathering of Nations, NM-

Aztec Elder and Storyteller: Michael Heralda-

Declaration of Quito, Ecuador: 500 Years of Resistance-

Nicantlacah New Year: Indigenous Peoples Day- March 12

Western Shoshone Defense Project: Uto-Aztecan Struggles-

LA Sound Posse: Alternative Media also see Pacifica Radio-

Frida Kahlo Theater: Cultural Center in LA, CA-

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Free Mother Earth!