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Decolonize the Mind & Heart- Eagle Rabbit Purepecha (Corn Ceremony)

Decolonize the Mind

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Cuauh Tochtli Chicano Purepecha Huetamu Michhuacan
in Colorado, Aztlan Anahuac, Ixachilan Columbus Protest (2003)!


I am a grad student, active member in the community, and Xicano Purhepecha Native who believes that a better world is possible.

Autobiography: Education and Degrees Earned: 1998-2005

Major: Ph.D. in Native American Studies with an emphasis on Meso-America and J.D. in International Human Rights.

CSUN Graduate Student in Chicano Studies. (expected Master of Art, 2005)

California State University Northridge, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. (2002)

Los Angeles Pierce College, Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. (2000)

Los Angeles Valley College, Transfer Alliance Honors Program. (1999)

West Valley Occupational Center, Certificate in Computer Literacy. (1999)

Extracurricular Activities, Honors Activities, and Scholarships: 1999-2005

- American Indian Studies Association (2004-05)
Pow Wow Administrator, Indigenous Awareness Coordinator...

- Xicano Studies Graduate Student Association (2003-04) Board Member...

Mentor/Tutor: Mobilizing Families Project for CSUN at S. F. High School. (2002)

CSUN, Research Project: Mentoring L.A. Youth Project, independent in Psychology. (2002)

Tutor: Future Scholars Program for CSUN at Byrd Middle School. (2002)

Hispanic Scholarship Fund, University Transfer Scholarship (2001)

Teachers' Aide: Gateway to Student Success at L.A. Valley College Title V, tutoring under represented college students. (2000)

Mentor: Los Angeles Team Works Mentoring Inc. at Pacoima Middle School. (2000)

Cal State Northridge, Honors Program (2000)

Tutor: Disabled Students Program Services at L.A. Valley College. (2000)

LA Valley College, Tau Alpha Epsilon, Honor Society (1999)

LA Valley College, Transfer Alliance Program, Honors Program. (1999)

Organizations: 1999-2005

American Indian Studies Association (2004-05)

- Xicano Graduate Student Association, (2003-04)

- CSUN Sociology Club, Chairperson. (Fall 2002)

Conducted State and National workshops on Xicano/Black Gangs. (2001-2002)

CSUN, Aztlan Graduation and Scholarship Committee, graduate. (2001-2002)

LAVC, Associated Students, former Senator. (2000-2001)

LA Valley and Pierce College, Xicano de Aztlan, former Chairperson and Representative. (1999-2001)

Member of Cal State Northridge: American Indian Studies Association, Movimiento Educantil Xicano de Aztlan, Sociology Club, Xicano Chorus, San Fernando Youth Council, Aztlan Graduation and Scholarship Committee, Students Against War Peace Coalition, San Fernando Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc, Xicano Graduate Student Association, Aztlan Nation Harmony Keepers, CSUN Pow Wow Committee, and Indigenous Awareness Month Coordinator. (2000-2005)

Papers Written and Poetry. (Coming Soon)

Updated 2004

People of the World Unite!